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     Technical training is of great importance in Mazaka. Through Mazaka Training Unit, technical trainings are provided to all partners by instructors, all of whom are experienced in the sector and who are experts in their fields.

     Mazaka provides training in three basic categories: "Personnel Technical Trainings", "Machine Operation and Maintenance Trainings" and "Technical Trainings for Authorized Service and Dealers". Mazakanin's technical trainings include engine, travel, control valve, etc. in training facilities with the necessary technological infrastructure. These are applied trainings on actual components and parts.

     The trainings cover three main subjects: electrical, hydraulic and mechanical.

Technical personnel and operators of public institutions and organizations and private companies that have purchased Mazaka machines, as well as technical teams and engineers of our domestic authorized services and foreign dealers have attended these trainings.

     In addition, we provide technical trainings to mechanic/technical trainers in line with the demands of technical schools and other public institutions affiliated to the Ministry of National Education.

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