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Solar Panel Cleaners are designed to clean photovoltaic solar panels to help maintain and optimize the performance of your panels

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Photovoltaic panels are protected by a durable glass fiber protecting them from atmospheric agents that even withstand the worst hailstorms. The panels, however, have to be cleaned constantly to be 100% exploited.The machines are designed to eliminate any kind of dirt from photovoltaic systems allowing thorough cleaning. Equipped with many accessories (boom, brush, high pressure water ...) our machines satisfy the most demanding customers, allowing easy and versatile cleaning of any ground-based photovoltaic system.

Mazaka models feature a 2200mm - 6000 mm wide brush with a cleaning rate of 4500 m2/h - 5000 m2/h. Each model is equipped with a hydraulic system, hydraulic gear pump, proportional valve hydromotor , grease cooling radiator, suction and return filters and diesel mitsubishi water cooled engine.

 The Mazaka Solar Cleaners also feature also soft booster fine drive as optional located on the washing brush – This allows the working distance of the brush to automatically adjust so that the distance between the brush and the surface of the solar panel is kept constant.

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