Mazaka is a provider  of customized solution



MOFFETT truck mounted forklifts are available for a wide and diverse range of applications, across different environments and spanning all kinds of delivery requirements. What they all have in common is their ability to deliver more – quickly and efficiently.



Most sites are congested and difficult to get to – littered with machinery, equipment and materials. You need a machine that uses less manual labour and enables faster load handling. But most importantly you need a highly manoeuvrable machine that can get around construction sites with agility. You need Mazaka truck mounted forklifts.


The Mazaka truck mounted forklift is just right for your distribution business – be it agricultural products, building materials or fast-moving consumer goods. Because it mounts at the rear of your truck, it doesn’t take up precious, profit-earning load space. It mounts and dismounts in under a minute.


A Mazaka is a versatile farmhand to have by your side, delivering products such as fertilizer or animal feeds right where they’re needed – saving you time and effort. Farms can be congested and difficult to get to – littered with machinery, equipment and materials.


Mazaka rough terrain forklifts provide faster and safer operations, even in confined spaces or difficult to navigate terrain. Furthermore, a Mazaka can be enlisted within a wide range of defence applications. The manoeuvrability and excellent off-road capabilities makes it an ideal machine for operating in front line roles, stores management and attack helicopter support.