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Mazaka Forklift are truck-mounted forklift trucks which are carried on the back of a truck. This enables the driver to unload the deliveries quickly and efficiently, everywhere. Our range includes a compact model, perfect for beverage deliveries in busy city centres. We also have a 4-way model for handling long loads, and a unit with all-wheel drive for use on building sites and other rough terrain.

Which truck-mounted forklift would be perfect for your delivery operations? Please contact us to discuss your needs.


  • Modular design - easy to customise

  • Effective corrosion protecton:

  • cataphoretic primer and powder coating

  • Stainless steel body panels,

  • powder-coated in your house colour

  • Powerful direct injection Yanmar diesel engine

  • High quality, robust construction

  • Engine easily accessible for maintenance

  • Low weight

  • Short rear overhang

  • Low operating costs

  • Ergonomic seating position

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